About Company

Caring about your cleaning needs

We are an exceptional cleaning service provider based in London. Our company was founded from a deep desire to help individuals, households, and organizations maintain a clean living and working environment to attain comfortability and productivity for all.
At 16’ Lillies, we strongly hold that; “a clean living or working environment is the foundation for rewarding productivity,” and at such, do not compromise on the quality of our services.

Our Goal

It all started with just three people

We are comprised of meticulous, well-trained, and dedicated workers who deliver thorough and sparkly cleaning to our wide range of clients. We employ new technology in our process: following standard cleaning procedures, using strictly non-toxic cleaning products, and paying keen attention to detail, thus, never missing a spot.
Our services cut across personal, recreational, and commercial purposes such as house cleaning, office cleaning, school cleaning, after-event cleaning, garden cleaning. More about our services here. We are available as a regular service (daily, weekly or monthly) or simply a one-off.
Hiring 16’ Lillies for your cleaning needs mean we are bringing the shine and providing you with an exceptional customer service experience. We are swift in our response to feedback and enquiries.

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We are Exceptional

As a cleaning service provider, we hold ourselves to a high standard of delivery. At 16'Lillies, we are particular about being exceptional at what we do, so much that the drive is strongly instilled in our entire staff body. Our end goal is to exceed your expectations and retaining you as a regular client.

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We have Integrity

We promise top-notch service; you get top-notch service. No "if’s and but’s". We allow our services to be flexible and easily adjustable according to our clients' particular needs and we put in extra effort to ensure our clients appreciate the quality of our service and are pleased.
If for any reason, your dedicated cleaner is unavailable, we swiftly provide an equally highly qualified replacement for you without delay.

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We are Keen

Our job is only done when the area is sparkly and shiny. We ensure that every single dirt is cleaned, and every dust cleared. When we say, "We never miss a spot", it is with full confidence.


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