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Professional cleaning services for your homes and offices

We are a professional cleaning company founded in 2020 and providing leading commercial and residential cleaning solutions in the UK.

Office Cleaning:

Maintaining a hygienically clean professional office space where all business activities can go on smoothly is our forte at 16’LILLIES. We understand that businesses vary in their operational needs, therefore we tailor our services to fit into our clients’ specific needs. If what you are looking for is stand-by daily cleaning, overnight cleaning, weekend cleaning, or cleaning on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis, we are available for just that. Our goal is to ensure that our office cleaning service enhances your productivity, efficiency, and the overall success of your organization.

School Cleaning:

The importance of a well-cleaned and organized learning space cannot be overemphasized. Anything short of that standard causes distractions in the form of discomfort, triggering allergies and germs infection leading up to sickness and that’s only to name a few. What our school cleaning service aims at is eliminating any factor that stands as a barrier between a learner and the lesson. Let us clean your school environment or daycare, for an optimum learning experience.

Hospital Cleaning: 

Cleaning in the healthcare sector requires certain cleaning standards which our significantly experienced cleaners are well-aware of and strictly adhere to. We discharge our duties at your clinic or hospital with safety at the top of our minds for both the patients and health workers.

Shop/ Shopping Centre Cleaning

Let us make your shop sparkly clean and stand out to your customers. You want them to feel comfortable, welcome, and trusting enough to patronize. Invest in professional cleaners like us.


To ensure your guests have a splendid time at your home, we provide cleaning services for Airbnb. You can employ us for ‘one off’ or regular cleaning for the duration of their stay and at the end of their stay to prepare the house for the next set of guests.


End of Tenancy & Lease Cleaning Service: 16’LILLIES provides a full-service end of tenancy or lease cleaning for landlords, homeowners, tenants, and letting agents.

  • After Party /Event Cleaning Service:

After putting efforts into hosting a successful party or event for your guest, pat yourself on the back for a great event. While we take care of cleaning the mess.

  • After Builder Cleaning Service:

We offer exceptional cleaning for after-building or renovation work.

  • Move-in and out Cleaning Services:

The packing and unpacking that comes with moving in or out of an apartment is enough stress. We can handle the cleaning part of your move and get it all cleaned and cozy.

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    • How can I register for a service?

      To register for a service at 16’LILLIES you can either book from our pricing page or put a call through to us, it’s that easy.

    • Can I adjust the schedule for cleaning?

      Yes you can adjust your schedule if the date is available but send an email or call us to confirm your adjustment is fully updated.

    • What kind of products you use?

      We use products that are safe for the environment and cleaning in general.

    • What if I don’t like the service?

      If you don’t like the service provided please feel free to use the feedback form on our website to make your complaints and we will get in touch as soon as possible to get it rectified.

    • I need detailed pricing plans

      If you need a detailed pricing, send an email or call us

    • What if something is broken during clean?

      If something is broken in the process of us delivering our services do not worry we have insurance that covers that.


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